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English - https://vimeo.com/306501195/6748a91354
Arabic - https://vimeo.com/306501043/2aa5ab46af
Spanish - https://vimeo.com/306502562/4f5bb5361f
French - https://vimeo.com/306502434/f4d49f21b0
Swahili - https://vimeo.com/306502706/9453958bf6
Kinyarwanda - https://vimeo.com/306506774/a2bc2ac983
Burmese - https://vimeo.com/306506474/5eb49781d7

This is an educational video on the critical issue of promoting refugees’ mental health. Refugee children and families are at high risk for mental illness. This video highlights the story of a loving family escaping war. The video explain the challenges and trauma of being a refugee. It breaks down the walls of stigma surrounding seeking treatment and provides the viewer with resources. I developed this video as the Project Leader of the 2018 AACAP Advocacy and Collaboration grant awarded to St Louis ROCAP. Please feel free to share it with the refugees and those who work with them. I hope it will provide support for our refuges and for their families.
-Balkozar Adam, M.D.
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